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Our Services 


Our knowledge and proficiency enable us to select and apply the most appropriate, environmentally acceptable, cost effective methods and products to each of our projects.
Our services offer effective pest control solutions in any environment. Agricultural, coastal, conservation estate, forestry, industrial sites, parks and reserves, roadsides or water ways. We have it all covered from urban areas to remote back country locations.
We can offer practical and professional advice on all aspects of agricultural pest control.


Ground spraying is performed over a diverse range of situations including pest weeds and insects on agricultural, coastal, conservation estate, forestry, industrial sites, parks and reserves, roadsides and water ways, from urban areas to remote back country locations.

Boom Applications - Pesticide applications to larger areas of pastoral land are made via a 10 metre boom and fingertip operated, satellite guided and tracked, computerised monitoring control system. Usually this procedure occurs prior to cropping or re-grassing, selective control of pasture weeds or for fungus or insect pest control. 

Weed Wiping - Urban Plus Weedsprayers offers a weed wiping service for effectively controlling rushes, flowering ragwort or thistles. This has proven very successful, achieving a desirable end result every time.

Insect Control on Cherries

Gun Applications - Our robust Toyota Landcruiser high capacity 4WD spray machines, are equipped with two guns and hoses each, allowing for two applicators and covering up to twice the sprayed area in any given time frame. The rigs are mostly used where considerable infestations of pasture or brush weeds occur. 

Knapsacks and Mistblowers - Where spray operations target low to moderate density pest infestation or on steeper, less accessible land our chosen methodology is knapsack sprayers or mist blowers. This allows our qualified applicators to cover the areas safely with minimised refill time. The 4WD rigs, knapsacks and mist blowers can work well in conjunction with one another on larger weed control operations.


Aquatic pest plant control can be implemented in many situations, targeting weeds in either stationary or flowing water ways. Specialised products are applied through assorted and sometimes complex equipment. Our programmes and methodology have proven effective for the control of algae, floating or submerged aquatic weeds in drains, irrigation channels, lakes, ponds and flowing water ways.


Targeting roadside pest plants is an important integral part of the roadside services we provide and is normally carried out with gun and hose applications of approved agrichemicals to pest plants such as gorse, blackberry, privet and pampas.
Our specialised highway machine is used for controlling vegetation around roadside edge marker, culvert and route position pegs, sign posts, bridge approaches, drains, culvert ends and water tables. This machine is extremely cost effective and can treat up to 150 kilometres of roadside in a single day.
Through an electronic/hydraulic, fingertip controlled boom system we can accomplish the entire job in one easy pass, spraying 4 metres up embankments and up to seven metres from the edge of the carriageway.
Footpath edges and kerb and channel vegetation control in urban areas is usually carried out from our low capacity machines through a boom system and/or on foot.
In all roadside operations, Health and Safety of our staff and the general public is paramount. Flashing lamps, hi-vis clothing, pilot vehicles or TMA’s are always in place in accordance with The Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management – mobile or static operations.


Wilding pine and ecological weed control operations take place on Conservation Estate, Council land and private land. Our team of qualified and skilled engine and hand tool operators work a swath employing a search and destroy approach. All target plants within the swath are targeted. Application of herbicides is often used in conjunction with these operations.
The same methodology is applied in association with privet and woolly nightshade control.


Forest and Woodlot Establishment
Our crew is proficient in forest and woodlot planting with considerable experience establishing both exotic and indigenous plantations. We stock the appropriate equipment and cater for pre-plant spot spray treatment and post-plant tree releasing operations, both granulated and fluid. This can be applied in conjunction with both exotic and indigenous planting operations.

Forest Maintenance
Roadside pest plant control is most often carried out by gun and hose although in certain situations boom applications are made to heavy infestations on skid sites.
Emergent vegetation on forest access roads is usually boom sprayed with a combination of knock down and residual herbicides, thus extending pest plant spectrum and control periods.


Tree felling and thinning operations can be satisfactorily undertaken by our qualified and skilled chainsaw operators.

We have qualified and skilled brushcutter operators to execute a variety of tasks from rank grass to scrub weeds.
These operations can cover - tree removal, track forming and clearing, urban development and maintenance work, road frontage, creek banks and boundary vegetation control, tree pre-plant line cutting and releasing, removal of noxious and other pest plants such as privet, woolly nightshade and willow trees, enhancing and developing wet lands, parks and reserves maintenance, vegetation control in and around spray sensitive areas.

Of recent years mangrove maintenance and removal has been added to our repertoire. This involves cutting seedlings, stumps and mature plants that encroach too far into the estuary. At times the slash needs to be airlifted from the estuary prior to chipping or removal.


Our Remote Location and Back Country service has taken us to offshore islands as well as remote and isolated areas of the North Island, generally to execute vegetation control of certain pest plants or formation of walking and tramping tracks for interested parties such as the Department Of Conservation.

Some of our projects involve staying away from home in relatively remote places where accommodation is many kilometers away. To overcome this we had a heap of fun building our own accommodation and cookhouse unit for such occasions. It took us over a year. Sleeping a maximum of six, the unit can be parked on site and eliminates travel to the job meaning working time can be maximised. A solar system supplies interior lighting and the on board generator can run by day to keep the freezer and fridge maintained. The slow cooker can be loaded with goodies for the evening meal when the crew returns at the end of the day. The mobile unit has offered our crew almost 200 person nights accommodation and meals during its first summer season on location at sites from the King Country, north to the Coromandel Peninsular. When we're not using it, we hire it out. It's perfect for outdoor pursuits groups.


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